Marathon Man takes on the Chevron City to Surf for Activ marathon this Sunday!

Finishing a marathon is no easy task – it takes endurance, stamina and a whole lot of determination, that is why Marathon Man is not only an inspiration but also one of a kind.

Completing 340 marathons and 15 ultra-marathons to date, it is safe to say Marathon Man has earnt his title. Travelling across the world, he seeks out marathons in various destinations that deliver a once in a lifetime opportunity, with a promise to stretch personal goals and exceed his own expectations to keep the excitement alive.

Marathon Man comes alive

Trent Morrow created Marathon Man to inspire those around him, whether out on the course or standing on the sidelines cheering. Running in an iconic disguise at various events around the world, Trent has been able to motivate others to take responsibility for their own journey and become their own superhero.

While running a marathon is a solo event, the community surrounding an event like this is familiar and comfortable. No matter the destination, Marathon Man recognises many familiar faces sharing the same path.

Look out for Marathon Man this weekend, suited up on the 42km start line.

It all starts somewhere

Taking to the track at the 2007 Sydney City to Surf, Marathon Man ran his first ever half marathon to finish with a time of 1 hour, 51 minutes – not a bad finish time for Marathon Man, who had never pushed himself past the 14km mark.

While the half marathon left him sore and unable to walk without hobbling for a week, it started a fire in his body which resulted in Marathon Man signing up to tackle not only his first ever marathon but the toughest footrace on earth – the Marathon des Sables across the Sahara Desert in 2018.

Spanning over 250km, the multi stage endurance event saw Marathon Man tackle the Sahara Desert in 50 plus degree temperatures to complete the course in 53 hours, 41 minutes and 10 seconds – a course which he has only recently returned from completing earlier this year to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Marathon Man mission.

Following the completion of his first ever marathon, he set his next challenge high completing six marathons in six weeks – safe to say 2008 was a defining year for Marathon Man!

Always striving to create new goals

Keeping his motivation high, Marathon Man took the task and title of being the only person to complete all marathons across every state and territory in Australia, as well as both New Zealand islands in 2011 and 2012.

Whilst this is an impressive accomplishment for most, Trent wanted to achieve something bigger, he was still seeking the challenge of a lifetime. Following receiving devastating news of his Step Mum’s terminal cancer diagnosis and on the 20th year of his mum’s passing in 2013, Trent put his endurance, stamina and body to the test, finishing 200 marathons across seven continents in 16 months where he also set a World Record for running the most marathons across 7 continents in 1 year!

Picking a favourite course is like picking a favourite kid!

When you’ve participated in 355 marathons across the world, it is hard to pick a favourite – each marathon delivers a different atmosphere and unique outcome – that is what makes them special in their own way.

Marathon Man said, “Asking me to pick a favourite marathon, is like asking me if I had children to pick a favourite child – they all offer something special and different in their own way which is why they are unique.”

In saying that, he mentioned it is hard to beat the six marathon majors for atmosphere as they bring together incredible crowd support and provide the opportunity for runners to meet like-minded people with the same goal.

“New York is very special – the New York Marathon is so well organised and will always be an event to treasure that everyone should include on the bucket list. That is the one marathon I would love to get back to and have another go” Marathon Man concluded.

Marathon Man’s advice to participants of the Chevron City to Surf for Activ

In the lead up, he shared his single most important tip for those hitting the track.

“Whether it be the 4km, 12km, half marathon or marathon, don’t bite off more than you can chew – break the course down and create small goals, once you hit that target re-assess and create the next goal. It’s important to focus on the little goals along the way that will help us all get a step closer to achieving our goal crossing the finish line,” advised Trent.

If you’re not a runner, Marathon Man mentioned often the hardest part can be getting out of bed and lacing up the shoes and suggests that once you make the decision to get moving you will soon be unstoppable. It really is important to simply make the move to get started with walking somewhere, take small steps to begin with and walk to the letterbox or around the block slowly increasing the distance.

What’s next for Marathon Man?

With a total of 340 marathons and 15 ultra marathons now under his belt, Marathon Man is determined to hit the 350 marathon mark, affirming, “The short term goal is to run a further 10 marathons to reach 350 marathons which will see me also achieve the 365 marathons and ultra marathons milestone with this representing me running a marathon or ultra marathon for every day of the calendar year.”

As Marathon Man’s journey nears the end of 2018, his goal is to continue to put one foot in front of the other to maintain his fitness and be in the best possible shape. At least in the short term, he plans to compete on home soil, running in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. Follow Marathon Man on Facebook to stay up to date with his incredible journey or visit for additional inspiration.

Run alongside Marathon Man this weekend

If you haven’t signed up yet and want to run alongside Marathon Man, it’s not too late. The only event of its kind, that is produced by the community, for the community, you get to choose the course and way in which you complete the event. Whether you walk, run or roll across the finish line, together we will share the fun-raising for those living with disability in WA. Register online until Saturday 25 August – Register Now!

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