Paddy Sweeney Shows Why Chevron City to Surf for Activ is WA’s Most Iconic Event

Last night, Nine’s Paddy Sweeney took a look at the history behind WA’s most iconic community event in a half hour special, dedicated to the success and the moments that make the Chevron City to Surf for Activ such a brilliant fundraiser.

For years, the event has been one that athletes train hard for in the lead-up and hold themselves to in high regard – the 44th year is no exception.

Nine’s special clip features footage from as far back as the very first event where roughly 3,000 participants were in attendance, all the way up to recent times where runners peaked at 40,000.

If you’re not familiar with this years’ ‘Activ Heroes’ their stories will leave you inspired and assured that everyone has the ability to take part in Activ’s inclusive event. Showcasing some of the fun run’s best memories, this feature special is guaranteed to leave a smile on your face, and you will want to sign up if you haven’t already.

The episode will air again on Channel Nine at 4.30pm WST Sunday 12 August, and is available to watch on 9Now!

Watch the full replay now.