43 years of History

•   The first City to Surf was won by Tim Walsh in 1975 in 38:06. Two years later he won again and beat his time by 2 secs.
•   WA distance runner Ray Boyd has won the 12km event 11 times, from 1984 to 2001.
•   The 12km record was set in 2006 by Brett Cartright in 35:25 and it still stands today.
•   The first female 12km winner was Peta Carr in 1975 in 58:18.
•   Lauren Shelley has won the women’s 12km five times from 2003 to 2011.
•   Two-time Olympian Eloise Wellings broke the Women’s 12km record in 2017. Her time of 40:14, was just 1 second faster than the record set in 2010 by Lisa Weightman.
•   The half marathon was added in 2007 with 948 runners and was won by Erwin McRae in 1:08:31.
•   The half marathon record was set in 2008 by Gemechu Woyecha in 1:05:40, at an average pace of 3 mins 10 secs per km.
•   2018 is the 10th year of the marathon, which was added in 2009 with 862 runners. It was won by Joel Kemboi in 2:17:56.
•   The marathon record is held by Japanese runner Yuki Kawauchi 2:12:55, at an average pace of 3 mins 14 secs per km.