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Start Preparing with Golden Eggs

Start Preparing with Golden Eggs

Get race ready with these recipes thanks to Golden Eggs

It’s almost race day, and to help you prepare for the big event, Golden Eggs have provided these delicious and nutritious meals, packed with protein friendly Golden Eggs.


Paleo banana pancake:




We have transformed the traditional pancake recipe to create a healthy paleo banana pancake. Pancakes are the ultimate breakfast comfort food, so who wouldn’t want to eat them guilt free? Combining eggs, banana, cinnamon, yoghurt, maple syrup and toasted walnuts to garnish – this is the perfect race day pick me up.

Mexican breakfast tortilla:




If you love a big hearty breakfast, this one is definitely for you! A Mexican breakfast tortilla will undoubtedly boost your metabolism in the morning of the big race, combining the amazing benefits of protein found in both eggs and black beans. This recipe will please everybody’s taste buds!

Egg and mushroom ramen:




Egg and mushroom ramen combines protein, carbohydrates and electrolytes, making it a perfect recovery food. This winter warmer recipe only takes 45 minutes to make and is extremely healthy. Why head out, when you can have restaurant style food in your own kitchen?

Egg fried brown rice:




This tasty egg fried brown rice recipe, is super quick and easy to make. If you want to make sure your kiddies eat veggies after the race, then cook this healthy, satisfying meal, for all to enjoy (also great for leftovers).

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