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Week 1) The Footwear Trio

9 July 2018

The key area of equipment selection for runners is undoubtedly footwear. One poorly understood area of footwear selection known to both reduce injury risk and improve performance is “footwear matching” whereby footwear appropriate to your biomechanics, current fitness and training session are correlated to optimise performance and minimise risk.

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Week 2) Know Your Aerobic Training Zones

16 July 2018

VO2 Max, Steady, Threshold….what does it all mean?  Knowing your individual aerobic training zones is crucial to ensuring you maximise the adaptations you can achieve from each planned workout or training run as well as reducing your risk of burnout and/or injury.

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Week 3) Long Continuous Running

23 July 2018

After our previous analysis of the anaerobic threshold, VO2 Max and tempo running, we round out our in depth analysis of the aerobic training zones by looking into the specifics of continuous running. Whilst this may seem like trivial topic to be discussing, as continuous running (think warm ups, cool downs, recovery, steady and long runs) make up the vast majority of most runners weekly training volume, executing these runs is crucial to ensuring risk of injury via training errors is lowered and performance in subsequent training sessions and racing is optimal.

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Week 4) Windows of Opportunity

30 July 2018

In this blog, we hope to educate coaches, parents and children on the often tricky question: When is the optimal time for your child to develop the different aspects of their running to ensure they can reach their full potential? We will highlight some important principles for optimal development in children to ensure they firstly enjoy their running and secondly put themselves in a position to keep beating their best!

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Week 5) Injury Management

6 August 2018

Physiotherapist Marc See and Coach Ben Green attended the Calgary International Running Symposium in 2014 where our favourite take home message was a quote from Craig Payne: “The 3 main causes of overuse running injuries are: training errors, training errors and training errors.” Following this idea the best way to prevent most errors in training is to do the right things as often as you can – a fairly hard task for most enthusiastic runners.

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Week 6) Psychology of Running

13 August 2018

Your mentality to training and racing plays a crucial role in helping you to achieve your athletic goals. A common saying we like to use that helps differentiate the different demands of training vs. racing is that training is about doing what necessary and racing is about seeing what’s possible. Many top coaches and athletes alike will often quote a 90% physical/10% mental approach to training, before switching to a 10% physical/90% mental approach to racing.

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Week 7) Peaking

20 August 2018

In this blog we look to analyse and break down the fundamental scientific principles of peaking. A tapering process for a distance runner can be defined and implemented into a runners program with great effect to ensure they are in the best possible position to achieve their individual goal.

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