Perth 25 August 2024
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Meet Jenny

Activ customer Jenny is swapping her dance shoes for sneakers as she prepares for this year’s Chevron City to Surf for Activ.

Jenny, who lives with autism and other medical issues, is proud to be an ambassador for the event this year. She is usually in the spotlight as part of Activ Heartbeats’ performing arts stage shows but will add walking and running training to her repertoire for the next few months to prep for our 50th anniversary event with her mum.

Activ customer Jenny, a remarkable young adult living with autism and medical issues, has found more than just a community within the vibrant walls of Activ’s Beaconsfield Hub. She has discovered her own stage in the world. With a flair for the dramatic, she’s one of the stars of the Activ Heartbeats performance group, a place where the rhythm of acceptance beats proudly.

Activ Heartbeats hold annual shows to showcase their talents and confidence on stage. In 2023, the group celebrated its momentous 10th anniversary with a performance called Back to the Future, which was a tribute to past shows, with each and every dance highlighting the joy and confidence of Activ performers across the decade.

Jenny played a big part in the show, with numerous lines on stage and multiple dances to perform. The positive energy and good vibes among the cast and crew was amazing for her to be part of, both behind the scenes and on stage throughout the night, with the finale performance the most memorable for Jenny, leaving the audience in awe of the spectacular showcase.

Back at the Hub, support, connection and a sense of community have been instrumental in enhancing Jenny’s social skills, which she can find overwhelming. Feeling at ease with others, building friendships, and gaining confidence are the transformations Jenny appreciates.

“Activ assists me with being accepted and understood, allowing people to have a better understanding of who I am as a person,” Jenny says.

Jenny’s mother Anita’s views speak volumes about the impact Activ has had on their family.

“As a single mum, it’s imperative to know that Jenny is in good hands while I’m at work. Activ has not only given Jenny a place where she feels a sense of belonging, it has also connected her with the community and given her the confidence to study at TAFE – and I couldn’t be prouder of her!”

Jenny now believes it is possible to pursue a career in animal care, something she didn’t think possible a few years ago. She feels excited about her studies and although it is challenging for her, she enjoys every minute, seeing that it is getting her closer to her dream of working in a zoo one day.

Jenny says she found it difficult to meet expectations at school, but now, with the support of Activ, she knows she can accomplish what she is prepared to work toward.

“Activ really gets me and encourages me to take on challenges I didn’t think I could do. I have found the confidence I needed to know I can go at my own pace and believe in myself,” says Jenny with an air of determination that makes you certain she will be doing exactly what she wants with her life.

Activ offers more than just programs and services; it provides a sense of purpose, a reason for getting up in the morning, a drive to face new challenges, and the joy of connecting with friends.

Without the support of Activ, many would be left without challenges to conquer, dreams to pursue, and stages to shine on. By empowering individuals living with disability to strive towards higher education, strengthen social connections, and find their voice, Activ is playing a vital role in not just improving lives but also in enriching the broader community.

With Jenny’s inspiring story, let’s remember that communities thrive when everyone is given the chance to contribute. In her dream of working at Australia Zoo or mastering a new performance, lies the essence of Activ’s mission: to provide opportunities for customers to Live and Learn with confidence, and grow their potential to live the life they choose.

Supporting Activ Foundation means supporting dreams like Jenny’s. It means building a world where every person can create their own story of success and happiness. It’s an investment in the kind of future where inclusion is not just a buzzword, but a reality for all.