Corporate Teams

Register Together

One Team. One Ambition.

Winning the race out the door on Friday night might mean you miss rush hour traffic, but we reckon it’s nowhere near as satisfying as that finish line feeling. Not sure what we mean by ‘finish line feeling’? Well, in our minds, it’s even better than jam doughnuts for Friday morning tea. 

For 2019, we’re really excited to engage as many Corporate Teams as possible – we want to provide you and your colleagues with the opportunity to showcase your company amongst the corporate community and to be part of Perth’s most iconic mass participation event. Regardless of your company size, the Corporate Team Challenge will engage, inspire and motivate your workforce. 

We’ve made registering for the Corporate Team Challenge as simple as possible and all Teams will need to select a Captain who will be responsible for co-ordinating the team registration, payment and race bib collection. Plus, if some of your Team want to walk the 4KM event and others want to run the 21KM or 42KM then that’s absolutely fine too – all team members can challenge themselves at their own distance and still be part of the team. 

So gather your crew and put yourselves forward to compete for the Corporate Team Challenge – we’re excited to welcome you on the 25th August!

Fundraise Together

Become an Active Hero!

Congratulations on making the decision to get Active! Now let’s get Active for Activ! Activ are privileged to support more than 2,000 individuals and their families across Western Australia. With over 67 years of supporting people living with intellectual and developmental disability means that Activ love what they do and they have a passion for people.

Encourage your team to become Activ Heroes! We want to support Activ and to do that we have designed a fundraising incentive scheme to help increase participation and reach our fundraising goals.

For more information about Fundraising, please check out our Fundraising page HERE!

Train Together

Build your Corporate Run Club

Can running really be fun? Of course, and we’re doing our best to make it happen! We’re excited to announce that we’re introducing a Corporate Run Club to get you and your colleagues up & running in time for the 2020 Chevron City to Surf. 

The Corporate Run Club is a fun opportunity for your team to train together in preparation for race day while helping you achieve your goal, and get special attention to your training needs. We’re ready to welcome experienced runners and soon-to-be-runners all with varying abilities and ambitions regardless of the race distance you’re training for. 

While following a standardised training program might help to get you back out the door it hasn’t been designed for you and isn’t geared towards the race you’re training for. With the Corporate Run Club we offer the chance to provide you and your colleagues with expert running coaching and advice for up to 80 participants per session. We’ll also come to you before, during or after work and scout the best running spots within running distance of your office. 

Get in touch with Neil (neil.fraser@citytosurf.com.au) and he’ll send you some more information about our Corporate Run Clubs.

Celebrate Together

That finish line feeling!

You’re a finisher! Sit back, relax and celebrate with your team! 

We want you to celebrate your achievements and your team to celebrate together. The Finisher’s Festival is the perfect opportunity to gather your crew, collapse into a heap (we’ll be there to help you up when needed), refuel and share your race experiences. 

The Finisher’s Festival, located at City Beach Oval, provides the ideal opportunity for corporate entertainment and employee team building. We’ve created a range of hospitality packages which will take care of all of your food and beverage needs so that your team doesn’t need to co-ordinate any extras on race day. 

What next…

Let’s catch up over coffee or hill sprints.

We appreciate that we’re introducing a lot of options and to make things simpler we would love to stop by your office so that we can run you through our plans to activate the 2020 Chevron City to Surf for Activ. Please let us know when works for you and we’ll do our best to align our schedules.