Damian Martin to lead the 4KM

Damian Martin is a familiar face for those of you who have followed the Chevron City to Surf for Activ for a few years. Described as the NBL’s greatest ever defender, Damian is the captain of the Perth Wildcats, an Olympian, a devoted husband and father, and a passionate ambassador for Activ. 

2019 will be the fourth time that Damian has been a part of the Chevron City to Surf for Activ – and the second time that he’ll be pushing his daughters in a pram for the 4km distance.

Damian has supported Activ’s work within WA over the past few years. He enjoys seeing the benefits of Activ – not just providing jobs and independence for West Aussies living with a disability but also the effects it has on parents and siblings. 

“Hearing their stories and how Activ helps the people of WA can be quite emotional but always powerful and leaves you being so proud to be involved with Activ”, Damian says. The amount of laughter, enjoyment and pride being involved as an ambassador is guaranteed to bring you also make it well worth supporting.”

Damian Martin is a passionate Activ supporter because he also loves race day. Particularly the vibrant atmosphere at the starting line. “With people in dress up and others jumping along to music being played, it is always a wonderful morning and a great way to start a Sunday,” he says. 

Damian’s experience in the marathon to date has been “to judge the crazy people doing the marathon”, but he has undertaken some crazy challenges in the name of supporting Activ over the past years. In 2014, he ran in 4 City to Surf events in 4 different towns. 

This year, he expects his biggest obstacle to be carrying his 2-year-old on his shoulders when she gets tired of walking and doesn’t want to be in the pram.

“It’s a challenge up some of the hills but then I see the runners and am reminded I shouldn’t complain.”

In 2017, Damian said “it doesn’t matter whether you’re doing the 4km or doing a marathon, the atmosphere is contagious and that’s why you come back.” It seems that sentiment hasn’t changed for Damian. So whether it’s your first year or your tenth, you’re bound to love having the entire Perth community behind you as you challenge yourself at the 2019 Chevron City to Surf for Activ. 

Join Damian and thousands of other incredible individuals and volunteers in Perth or Karratha (or both!) this year. Sign up here to run, walk or roll your chosen distance or join the Activ Volunteer Squad if you want to get the buzz from the community spirit without tackling the distance.