Jen Glew – Giving Back Through Volunteering 

The Chevron City to Surf for Activ volunteers are amazing. We know that we put on a great show but the fact that our volunteers keep coming back is a true testament to the atmosphere and community spirit of the event. 

One such volunteer, Jen Glew, has been a part of 7 out of the last 10 City to Surf events in both Perth and Karratha. She’s a busy mother and teacher- but finding time to volunteer at the CTS year after year is something she values and prioritises in her busy life.

We spoke to Jen about what makes her keep coming back and why she thinks the Chevron City to Surf is such a great event. 

How did you first become involved with the event? 

I have participated in the City to Surf as a competitor a couple of times but am not really a runner. I decided to switch to volunteering so I could still be a part of the event. I love the competitive atmosphere and the positive vibes that the event creates. 

How many years have you been volunteering? 

I first volunteered about 10 years ago and have now volunteerd at seven City to Surf events both in Perth and in Karratha. 

Can you tell us about your volunteering role? 

In Perth, I started as a start line marshal then worked as a course marshal and now work at the help desk. I enjoy the help desk as the role is varied and you get to interact with lots of members of the public and other staff working at the event. 

In Karratha, I helped out pre-race giving out race packs and then on the day my 3-year-old daughter and I were at the turn around point ensuring the runners turned safely and cheering them on. 

What’s your favourite part of volunteering for the event? 

The atmosphere of the event is an aspect I really enjoy along with the challenge of assisting people by problem-solving and then finally seeing it all come together. I like the challenge of assisting people problem-solving. I also like working in a team environment, especially to do with sport. I am a passionate sportsperson and Phys Ed teacher who sees these types of events as essential opportunities for people to get out and get or keep fit. 

Can you tell us a bit about yourselves and what motivates you to volunteer each year? 

With unique knowledge and understanding first-hand that these events don’t run themselves, I am more than happy to give back my time to help others participate as I’m not really a runner and would rather watch others run and help the event be a success.

I feel a massive sense of achievement each year I volunteer and that really motivates me to be a part of it time and time again. Also, I have a young family who watch me play sports during the week and when they see me go off to volunteer they know that that’s my way of giving back to society. 

Do you have a message for other groups thinking of signing up to volunteer?

If you’re not really into running, you’re injured, or you want to contribute to help this event be a success once again then volunteering is for you! There are so many different roles at different times both before and during the event that there is really no excuse for anyone not to volunteer. There are many group volunteering opportunities too where you can spend a few hours with family, friends or work colleagues doing things like manning the water station, cheering the runners on or handing out medals at the finish line. The teams that get together to run the CTS are amazing and make you feel so invaluable that you’ll want to do it year after year. 

Register to Volunteer Today! 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – our volunteers have so many different reasons for volunteering. What they all have in common is that they love the experience. It’s no coincidence that many of them keep coming back year after year – just ask Eureka and the Clontarf Boys. 

We look after our volunteers, making sure that anyone who signs up gets to work on something that they feel passionate about. 

Whether you want to be a Course Marshal, help the athletes as they finish the event at the Perth Oval, or hand out race packets before the event, there’s a rewarding volunteer role for you. Bring a friend – or an entire team of people – and volunteer together! You’ll love it. 

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