Perth 25 August 2024
Karratha 28 July 2024

Meet Chris

Chris is a spirited Activ Support Worker by day and stand-up comedian by night! His enthusiasm is contagious, and he is excited to be a 2024 Chevron City to Surf Ambassador to encourage everyone to be part of the event.

His wit is as quick as his run speed! Look out for his unique ways of inspiring customers, families, staff and community members to support Activ by registering for the iconic event.

Combining support work with stand up comedy may seem an unusual mix, but to Activ support worker Chris it’s a combination of two of his favourite things – and he gets paid for both!

Chris’ quick wit and enthusiastic nature is well-known at the Activ Beaconsfield Hub where he provides community-based support to customers. He is always ready for a chat and a laugh, and his ability to connect with his customers, supporting them to do activities and achieve goals is inspiring.

“We’re basically trying to empower people to do what they want to do with their days. We really try to put the customer in the driving seat and try to make everything as open and accessible to them as possible, to have the most fulfilling experience we can provide,” Chris says.

“At the end of the day, that’s what life’s all about – you want to follow the things you like and are passionate about.”

Chris provides support to Activ customer Connor each week, saying his cheeky nature and enthusiasm brings them both fun and rewarding experiences when they explore around Perth.

“He gets a kick out of being in the community and connecting with people, so we might catch buses around the city for a day to explore. Connor gets to meet lots of people when we do this, and I’m there facilitating this for him.”

Chris says he is proud to be a Chevron City to Surf for Activ ambassador this year, to encourage people to support the services Activ provides across WA.

“It’s about turning up for people living with disability, showing people in the community they can participate and be involved.”

Along with support worker and stand up comedy, Chris is also an avid runner. He’s keen to take on the 12km event this year and is encouraging runners, joggers, walkers and wheelchair users to join him and raise funds for Activ in a fun and inclusive way.