Runners Etiquette

Perth 12km

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Runners Etiquette

In the interest of providing a safe and enjoyable event experience for all participants, please be considerate of Runners Etiquette:

•   Start within your designated wave, with faster runners at the front and slower participants behind.
•   If you’re walking in a large group, keep to the back of your wave.
•   Keep to the left of the course to allow people to pass on the right.
•   Avoid collisions and accidents with those behind you, don’t stop or change directions suddenly.
•   Be mindful of others when you grab fluids from an aid station, don’t block others from accessing it.
•   Throw your cups as close to the aid station as possible, drop it to your side or away from other participants and spectators.
•   If you need to spit, move to the side of the course and aim away from participants and spectators.
•   Be courteous and encouraging to your fellow participants.
•   Always follow the directions of all event staff, including volunteers and emergency service personnel.
•   Have a fantastic time!