Q&A With Spirit Karratha’s Pablo Miller

Pablo hosts Breakfast with Pablo on Spirit Karratha, the local radio station in Karratha. This year he’s committed to running the 12km, the furthest distance he’s ever run! We caught up for a quick Q&A before this Sunday’s Chevron City to Surf for Activ Karratha.

Why have you decided to run the 12km at this year’s Chevron City to Surf for Activ Karratha? Is there someone that inspires you?

My daughter inspires me to be more consistent when it comes to health and fitness. Since Jan 1st this year I’ve finally put my health first, lost 10kg and am gearing up for my first fun run in years!

What does a typical week of training look like for you? Do you have a goal finish time in mind on race day?

This week I finally cracked the 10km mark so another 2km should be fine right? But I’ve been walking at least an hour every day and doing runs at least twice a week. I’ve also recently started playing basketball again after a 3 year break so that’s helped with improving cardio. I haven’t set myself a time but as long as I don’t stop I’ll be happy. Even if I am just plodding along hopefully the momentum of the day pushes me through to the finish line before sunset.

How do you manage a work/life/training balance?

Haha to be honest there is no balance! But before I go home each day I make sure I’ve gone to the gym. Getting up early each day then running around with my daughter all afternoon allows too many excuses to creep in to sit down on the coach come the end of the day. So before I allow that to happen I go to the gym before I even walk in the door at home. Those couches are far too comfy once you sit down, so best to avoid it till as late as you can in the day.

Being on radio we know you love music – what’s currently on your training playlist? Any Eminem?

Eminem is always on the playlist! But I’m actually all about podcasts to get me through workouts and runs. It’s a big decision for race day what to listen to. I’ll probably start with a podcast then switch halfway to something more upbeat to get me through. But I’m open to any suggestions!

Do you have a message for anyone sitting on the fence about whether to get involved this year?

The comfort zone is where dreams go to die. You’ve got to push yourself every so often to test your boundaries. This is absolutely a push for me so I encourage you to put on the shoes and join me trackside this Sunday!

You can still register to run, walk or roll this Sunday!

It’s not too late to join in the fun! Join Pablo and register online until midday Saturday 10 August and in person at Karratha Leisureplex from 9am-5pm Saturday 10 August.

What are you waiting for? Sign up now!