School students gain valuable life experience volunteering

One of the more well-known benefits of volunteering is the direct impact it has on our community, it also allows people to connect with each other and help to make our city a better place, this is why Students at CBC Fremantle have been returning as volunteers for 15 years.

We spoke to Matthew Stockton, a teacher who champions the program at CBC Fremantle about what volunteering means to them.

How has CBC been involved with the CTS?

CBC boys have helped out with marshalling, handing out Gatorade at the finish line, directing competitors and managing water stations. Not to mention a number of students, families and staff who have supported the event by running in all categories, including me!

How long have you personally been involved?

CBC Fremantle has been involved for 15 years, this is my second year as the Teacher working with the students within the Volunteering program.

Can you tell us a little about CBC?

CBC Fremantle is a Catholic school located in the heart of Fremantle. In total, about 840 boys from Years 7 to 12 attend the College, and Service Learning is a huge part of our values. At CBC we encourage boys to put others first and volunteering in the community and providing service to organisations who are making the world a better place is part of every boy’s CBC journey.

Why do you think CBC gets involved each year?

CTS is always a fun day that encourages teamwork skills and it’s all for a worthy cause. It’s great to be able to see first-hand that you’re helping people and the boys really enjoy the atmosphere.

What benefits do you think volunteering gives your students? What do they enjoy about volunteering?

Volunteering with service and community organisations is so easy to do and it gives so much satisfaction to be helping to achieve something that is bigger than the little bit that you are doing. Volunteering encourages CBC students to look beyond their own needs and wants.

What would you say to other groups thinking of signing up to volunteer?

Get involved! Volunteering is a great opportunity to meet new people, establish community relationships and to have a bit of fun! Find out all of the reasons why we have so many regular volunteers that keep coming back year on year – Eureka and  The Clontarf Boys

All you need to do is click here to join the 2019 Volunteer Squad!

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