Perth 27 August 2023
What We Do


Mia Rodriguez
Living with Down Syndrome, Mia has changed her family’s life and teaches them new lessons every day. She loves ice cream, singing, dancing, and thrilling trips to the beach.
Back in 2018, Mia became an Activ All Star at all five Chevron City to Surf for Activ events. Crossing each finish line, she danced and walked her way through the 4km course with the cheers of the community supporting her.
The Activ Foundation has had a profound impact on Mia’s life, empowering her with independence. With the help of an Activ respite worker, she enjoys fortnightly support, doing the things she loves at her own home.
Clare Humphrey
Introducing Clare

Clare Humphrey has been working for Activ Foundation over the last 17 years and will be walking in this year’s Chevron City to Surf for Activ! She took to the pavement for the first time in 2016 and is ready and excited to do it again in 2023.

“I love it because it’s fun and because by raising money for Activ; when people support it, they’re helping make a difference to the lives of Western Australians living with a disability. When you support the Chevron City to Surf for Activ you’re supporting people just like me!” Clare said.

Madison Heady

Madison’s resilience and love for the outdoors drives her to conquer every challenge that comes her way. As an advocate for others, she’s breaking barriers and reshaping perceptions about people living with disabilities.

Born with Cerebral Palsy, Madison defied the odds, learning to walk and talk with sheer perseverance. Now, she’s on a mission to show the world that we all have unique strengths and talents. When we come together, something greater emerges.
Your presence at the event will not only empower Madison, but it will also send a powerful message of belonging to others living with disabilities.
Taylah Walker
Introducing Taylah

Taylah Walker remembers her Mum making her and her siblings stand out the front of their Oceanic Drive home in City Beach to clap and cheer for all the people running or walking in the City to Surf. She recalls her years cheering on participants fondly; from handing out water to giving big high-fives as people went past, she would watch in awe and excitement every year.

Taylah laughs that while this upbringing did not lead her to become a keen runner, what it did do was introduce her to Activ. In somewhat of a full circle moment, Taylah now works for Activ as a Behaviour Support Practitioner, joining the team three months ago. She speaks warmly of her experiences so far, and how she gets to see people’s lives be genuinely improved by Activ’s services.

When asked what she would say to someone considering getting involved in the Chevron City to Surf for Activ, she said it is ‘absolutely worth it – it makes a massive difference’.


Merv, our amazing Activ Busselton customer, is aiming for the Chevron City to Surf for Activ finish line in Perth!

He’s exploring every corner of his home town, training hard for the big day. With past event experience and the support of his support worker Matt, Merv is thrilled to walk the 4km route this year.

Merv’s diverse training routine includes social dancing, martial arts, and regular neighborhood walks. With Matt and the enthusiastic cheer squads cheering him on, he’s determined to conquer the Chevron City to Surf course!