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Kick your goals, beat your PB and just have fun! Start your training for the Chevron City to Surf for Activ now with our 4km and 12km training guides!

These 8-week guides will help you reach both your fitness and fundraising goals, ensuring you cross the finish line feeling accomplished in more ways than one!

4km Training Guide

12km Training Guide

Our Top Tips

Shoes Purchase good running shoes to prevent injury and provide good support.
Hydration Ensure you properly hydrate yourself the day/night before and after a run.
Eating Practice good eating habits and avoid running on a full stomach.
Posture Keep your posture up when running, look forward rather than down.
Gear Dress in layers as we head into the cooler months, ensure you have the right gear for any type of weather.
Recovery Avoid running multiple days in a row to allow your body to recover.