Your Community Run Club Partners: Perth Run Collective 

Perth Run Collective is a social movement for runners of all levels. In collaboration with Lululemon Athletica’s Perth City, Claremont and Karrinyup stores, PRC’s runners join forces up to three times per week.

Runners meet every Tuesday at 5.45pm at the Perth City Lululemon store. There’s also a group for weekend warriors starting at 8am Sundays from Clarko Reserve, Trigg.

The Origins of PRC

PRC’s founder, Kat Ackroyd, is an avid runner and lover of the outdoors. She loved connecting with others and found herself forming groups to share the experience. These groups focused on overall wellbeing – physical, emotional and mental – as opposed to how far or how fast they ran each time. 

When the opportunity to collaborate with Lululemon arose, it seemed only natural to Kat that this group running movement would morph into the Perth Run Collective that we know and love today. 

“I wanted to create a place where everyone could move at their own speed and feel connected to others and the world around them. Some of my dearest friendships have formed on these weekly running jaunts or perhaps over the coffee which typically occurred after.”

Perth Run Collective has grown over the last four years to involve some of Perth’s most avid running and fitness minds. People combine to share their passion for running, fitness, nutrition, wellbeing, preparation and performance at the weekly running sessions. 

What does a Perth Run Collective runner look like?

You’ll find runners, run-walkers, pacers, coaches, run leaders, weekend warriors, endurance athletes, Paralympians, fair-weather runners, cause supports and so much more at our weekly sessions.   

It’s certainly not about the numbers for some, but if the numbers and stats game is your thing, you’ll find that in the group too.

Basically, PRC is for everyone and anyone really. If you are waiting for an invitation… here it is!

PRC’s success stories

“Everyone leaving a Perth Run Collective session feeling better than when they started – that’s our success.”

PRC advocates a no-barriers approach to movement. The founding runners firmly believe in shared experiences and providing encouragement when things start to feel a little tough. These values have formed the basis of the inclusive growing community of runners that join PRC each week. 

PRC’s Chevron City to Surf for Activ Pacers

Pacers are those phenomenal people who participate in events like the Chevron City to Surf for Activ with the sole goal of helping others achieve their goals. They set a time that they’re going to hit and blaze the path for all those who want to keep up with them.

A few PRC crew members are going to pace people to their goal time on race day. These amazing individuals demonstrate the physical and leadership attributes required to safely pace a group to a goal finish time while handing out smiles and chanting ‘you can do it’ to anyone who needs it. 

We asked a PRC pacer about what inspired them to do it: 

“I believe the real motivation and dedication comes from a personal sense of wanting to give back to a community that has given you so much over the years. I think about the confidence and self-belief training for and finishing a marathon has given me. Sharing this experience and seeing others achieve a goal-time they didn’t believe was possible when they first started is incredibly rewarding.” 

PRC’s Chevron City to Surf training program

The Chevron City to Surf for Activ is known, and loved, for its challenging hills. For those wanting to improve on their time from last year or have a goal-time in mind, familiarising yourself with the course terrain and including hills in your training runs is going to be key. 

The Perth Run Collective will be practising both uphill and downhill running to build specific strength and hill running endurance in the lead up to race day.   

PRC’s top tips for running newbies

Run with a group – Consider training with friends or a group. Being around like-minded people and keeping your training varied will keep you accountable and motivated. There will always be someone a touch faster or more experienced. You might even learn a few tips and tricks along the way – Runners tend to talk about running on a run

Run/walk method – Begin your training with a run/walk program. Depending on your level of fitness, this might be a one or two-minute run followed by a five-minute walk repeated for a total of 30-minutes. Over the next five weeks, gradually increase the time running while decreasing the length of the walks. 

Perth Run Collective’s 3km run/ walk group caters for those starting out or returning to run.

Have Fun – Always remember to wear a smile (even if you don’t feel like it); it helps to convince your body you’re having fun. Seriously.

Join Perth Run Collective

All you need to do is show up! For more information, check out PRC’s website or Facebook page.

They have a heap of information in their blog and from members posting on their wall on Facebook, so it’s worth checking them out just for the tips.

If you’re keen for some Thursday night training, check out our post about the Perth Urban Runners.

Show some PRC Spirit

People chasing down their running goals is what keeps PRC going. Why not challenge yourself by training with PRC for a few weeks before the Chevron City to Surf for Activ (sign up now if you haven’t already!). 

You’re bound to discover some new running tips and tricks from those around you. Maybe you’ll meet a group pacer who’ll convince you to run a bit faster or further than you believed you could before you showed up. 

In any event, PRC’s sessions are free – so there’s nothing to lose! But plenty to gain if you’re in the market for lifelong friends, some fun and some free expertise.