CRC Partners: Perth Urban Runners

Perth Urban Runners (PUR) is a free social running group that is open to runners of any level. They meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 pm at different locations and explore routes that showcase the very best of Perth. 

They started more than 3 years ago with a common goal of running more, for physical and mental health. Running with a friendly bunch of people is incredibly motivating, so whether you’re looking for some inspiration to get started or to train for something big – like your chosen distance at the Chevron City to Surf for Activ – PUR will help you reach your goals.

Perth’s Urban Runners

The name really says it all for PUR – the group is designed for everyone of all ages and abilities. It’s fun, free and runners, rollers, joggers, dog walkers, and people chasing their goals at the CTS are all welcome. 

While the group takes their training seriously enough, they approach running with a sense of humour. Their group photos are tagged with the line “we’ve got the runs” (brilliant!) and they joke that you’re welcome to join as long as you enjoy running. 

PUR’s favourite Perth locations

You’ll need to join the mailing list or follow PUR’s Facebook page to access their training run locations each week. We promise you won’t regret it. 

Each training session, your PUR group will explore interesting routes that show off Perth’s beautiful landscapes; such as Lake Monger, Claisebrook Cove, Matilda Bay, Kings Park, Trigg Beach, Herdsman Lake and Yokine Reserve.


PUR’s Success Stories

Plenty of runners, rollers and walkers have hit PR’s after joining PUR on their twice weekly runs. But the PUR members’ dedication to giving back to the community and supporting important causes is what they consider their biggest success. 

The group has raised tens of thousands of dollars for causes such as Beyond Blue and Lymphoma Australia. PUR’s organisers and members evidently take their commitment to improving the mental and physical health of Perth’s residents seriously. 

Training for the Chevron City to Surf for Activ

PUR’s training runs vary in distances from 6km to 10km. Each training session, the group is broken up into smaller groups of people who will run at varying paces – usually from 6:30min/km pace to 4:00min/km pace. 

Every few weeks, professional coaches and elite runners join PUR to run interval sessions and provide expert advice. Remember – this group is free to join! So, you’ll benefit from expert tips by simply showing up.

Speaking of free tips…

PURs best advice for Perth’s runners is to have fun and enjoy the journey. If you’re new to running or just getting back into it,­ start off slowly and build up your mileage gradually. 

Ready to join PUR?

All you need to do is turn up on Tuesday or Thursday at 6 pm, ready to run. 

Check out their website, Instagram or Facebook page to confirm the meeting point for the session. 

If you’re keen for some more training, why not continue reading about more Community Run Club Partners: Perth Run Collective.

Challenge Yourself

Challenge yourself to join PUR for their training runs over the next few weeks and cement your commitment by signing up for the Chevron City to Surf for Activ. It’s a great way for you to stay inspired and motivated and to gauge how far you’ve come in a few short weeks!