Perth 25 August 2024
Karratha 28 July 2024

Meet Jordan

Jordan’s musical talents are inspiring to all who get the opportunity to hear him perform.

His ability to captivate his audience, whether in the community or at home with family and friends, is one of many ways Jordan shares his determined spirit. Living with disability since an accident in 2022, his drive to set goals and achieve them has motivated him during his lengthy rehabilitation.

It’s this determination that will also see him aim to complete the 4km Chevron City to Surf for Activ this year as a proud ambassador for the event.

Music plays a big role in Jordan’s life, connecting him with friends, family and communities across Perth. He loves to showcase his talents in special performances to school and community groups, and at home, he can be regularly heard playing his favourite tunes for family or friends.

The talented musician was on his way to making his dream career in music a reality, when in 2022, Jordan’s life changed dramatically in an accident that changed his life in ways never thought possible. In the face of challenges of living with disability, Jordan’s strength and determination saw him endure lengthy rehabilitation, including significant setbacks and amazing progress along the way. His love of music has stayed with him throughout this new journey, with Jordan’s determination to play again seeing him play by ear on various instruments.

Jordan’s positive, competitive spirit shines at the family dining table where he is always up for a friendly board game or two. This spirit extends to his rehab sessions, where he challenges himself to meet his goals and beat them on a regular basis.

His big goal for this year is to complete the 4km Chevron City to Surf for Activ as a proud ambassador for the event.

“Supporting Activ means more people like me can have fun in the community and get the most out of life,” he says.

Jordan’s dad David says the event will be a great way for Jordan’s family and friends to connect, and support people living with disability by participating as a team together.

“For a family it becomes a focal point, everyone comes together. For us it might be my mum from the UK, Jordan’s mum, brother and sister and his friends. He has friends from school, friends from Kings Park Warriors, friends from music – we’ll see if we can get them all together,” David says.

“For Jordan it will be about having all of these people around him and aiming, from a physio perspective, to complete it with everyone.”

“The Chevron City to Surf for Activ is one of the events of the year, one everyone is aware of and it’s nice to be part of it, to be included. Just because Jordan has a disability he’s not excluded, he can be part of it.”

“It’s a family-friendly event, it’s also a disability-friendly event so all members of the family, whatever generation, whatever disability can come along and do it together, it’s a really good day.”

You can support Jordan, and other West Australians living with disability by participating in the Chevron City to Surf for Activ. Register today!